It’s almost here, my friends. Can you smell it?


And Lightning in a Bottle is about to tear it up in 2016. 

It all started with a birthday party in the woods back in 1999…

But like a snow ball, Lightning in a Bottle grew and glittered, attracting musicians, artists and creatively gifted individuals that turned it into a living, breathing world of its own.

Now, the Lightning In A Bottle Festival has become a Californian institution of environmental awareness, cultural progression and artistic expression. If you want to be a part of a mission for togetherness, environmental awareness and education all under the blanket of art, check out what the LIB festival is bringing in 2016.


Mission For Environmental Sustainability

Giving life to the patrons and the very grounds itself, nature is the center around which LIB revolves. It’s this idea that brings a strong festival focus to environmental sustainability through encouraging patrons to “leave a positive trace.”

Not only do LIB founders set up the grounds with recycling and composting receptacles, but they also ban the use and sale of all plastic water bottles and do not provide trash bins, leaving guests responsible for the amount they produce.

Could this be any more awesome!?

The festival leads by example as they take responsibility for the energy consumption they use to run. With energy reduction through LED and solar lighting and using renewable energies like wind and biodiesel, they are able to power the festival in a sustainable way. And, for energy they can’t avoid using, the festival offsets their emissions through donations to local initiatives.



The Education

Education is everything to LIB and they have tried to incorporate learning into the festivities through intriguing workshops, speakers and classes. Many of these opportunities involve DIY lessons in lowering use of resources, growing food and making crafts.

For learning in the spiritual and health realms, visitors can pop into the Temple Of Consciousness, a refuge for those looking to learn about the self, ecology, science and all that is mystical.

Join in yoga classes, meditation sessions and experiential workshops. Yes and please. 

Visit The Village for opportunities to gain skills in sustainable living, community living, story-telling, ancestral art classes, wood carving, fire making and weaving. The purpose of this festival sect is to inspire a sense of community and urge people to learn skills that can give them fulfillment as well as prove useful to those around them.

For the foodies or anyone looking for some useful skills, the Learning Kitchen is back again this year to teach essential cooking skills. The lessons focus on healthy eating through modern and ancient techniques and are suitable for amateurs and pros.


The Food

Holy shit, my people, the FOOD. You don’t have to take the cooking classes to experience the artistic cuisine that’s sprinkled around the grounds. Expect food vendors from all around the west coast bringing you their interpretations of mostly vegetarian, non-GMO, raw and organic dishes.

Meat eaters, don’t fret, there will be options for you too. And, just like any festival, wine, beer and spirits are available throughout the grounds.


The Music/Lineup

LIB festival has a whole lot going on but at its core, it’s a music festival. Bringing the best across the modern music lover’s favorite genres, LIB has quite the lineup. At this year’s festival, guests will see the stages graced with some of these acts:

Chet Faker, Grimes, Jamie XX, Big Gigantic, Lucent Dossier Experience, Moderat, Ibeyi, Emancipator Ensemble, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Tourist, Jamie Schwabl and a ton more.




In collaboration with the Do Art Foundation, the LIB festival will exhibit works that will literally transform into art over the course of the festival. In addition to the sale of prints and the auctioning of canvases, guests can experience art installations all throughout the event.

A walk through the grounds will promise live painters, interactive exhibits and sculptures meant to enhance the experience.

LIB 2016 is oozing with new music, innovative ideas surrounding art and creativity and a chance to leave with the skills and knowledge to live a more independent and sustainable life.

What’s even better, there are now even more opportunities than just the festival itself. Currently the LIB volunteer staff is taking applications for pre, during and post festival volunteers to help out in exchange for a free ticket to the show.

If you want to find out more about this year’s LIB festival, check out their website here and if you would like to apply for a volunteer position, check out the information here.